About FOU nu, Research and Development Centre, Now

Focus of the work that FOU nu does concerns the wellbeing of older persons and persons living in their own home and with different physical or psychiatric disabilities.

A prerequisite for success in this field is that the healthcare organisation and the municipal care co-ordinate their innovation work, research and development work together.

The main aim of FOU nu is to inspire and engage staff on different levels to improve their working methods in their everyday work.

Another aim is to implement evidence based methods where such methods are possible and available; to improve quality of care in municipal care and geriatric care and, to encourage critical thinking.

Work that is done by FOU nu include supervision of specific projects, development and evaluation  work, guidance, competence development, and helping different organisations in collaboration and networking in daily work or in research programmes with different universities and organizations in the field.

FOU nu is located in the northwestern part of Stockholm County Council. The centre is financed by seven  municipalities; Ekerö, Järfälla, Sigtuna, Solna stad, Sollentuna, Upplands-Bro, Upplands Väsby and the Stockholm County Council in collaboration. The initiative is also supported by different grants or research fundings.

An executive group (styrgrupp) is in charge of the budget and stipulate the guidelines for the centre.

An advisory committee (FoU-råd) with representatives from the different municipalities and from the Stockholm County Council aids the centre. The advisory committee  recommend areas concerning projects and other activities of interest for FOU nu to focus on.

These groups (as well as individual employees) can call attention to important problems or areas to improve or focus on and they make proposals and suggestions for various activities.

Many different researchers representing various professions, disciplines and universities are affiliated to FOU nu.

Some current focus areas and work are

  • Care and prevention of multiple health and care problems
  • Building networks of professionals from both municipal care and the healthcare sector
  • Tutoring staff in municipal care projects and evaluation of different local projects. Examples of areas are: increasing social activities for older persons; everyday training of older persons, caring environments, home visits to older persons to inform about municipal care facilities and to inform about fall prevention etc.
  • Prevention of falls and risk of falling among elderly persons
  • Follow up of different projects, i.e. palliative care at end of life for older people; quality assurance in handling medication and understanding medication within elderly care, etc.
  • Effects of physical training on physical performance in frail elderly people.
  • Development of good living environments and housing for older persons
  • Collaboration and aid for persons suffering from dementia or people with psychiatric disabilities etc
  • Development of learning environments for staff and students within health- and municipal care.

For more information

You are welcome to contact the staff, see e-mail addresses here: Medarbetare